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girls after-school program

We are proposing to incorporate a girls after-school program into Frances S. Tucker Elementary in the Fall of 2018 to mirror the boys after-school program that currently exists. This will be offered every Monday-Friday while Miami-Dade County Public Schools are in operation over the 2018 fall semester and 2019 spring semester.

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This past year we introduced a new after-school program for young men in the third and fourth grade of Frances S. Tucker Elementary School. This program consists of a two-hour structured session which includes academics, sports and a meal. Commencing in September, we will be providing a new female-centric program to compliment last years program. This year's programming will have a focus on improving the children's reading and writing while including an arts and sports component. 


Volunteer opportunities 

Volunteer at Francis S. Tuckers after-school program. Monday-Friday 3-5PM.