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Home Team After-School Program Inspires Students To Be Their Best

Home Team After-School Program Inspires Students To Be Their Best

CBS4 interviewed our program founder and President, Alex Pou, about the importance of our mentor program and our free after-school program for after school program for young ladies and men. Watch the entire interview here

The following links will direct you to our University of Miami volunteers testimonials.



Karly Grogan 

The success of The Home Team program lies in the effectiveness of the relationships formed between the volunteers (mentors) and the participants (mentees). A successful mentoring relationship is formed over time; it cannot be rushed or forced.Mentors must be a source of dependability and consistency for the mentee. Being consistent means showing up for scheduled meetings, always being ready to support, and being prepared for the challenges that may arise that day. Studies support the concept that there should be an agreement between both parties that sets the time and date of each meeting, how often the meetings will be, and what should be accomplished. Click here to read the complete essay.

The Life-Line The Home Team

Stephanie Bigger

The service organization, the Home Team, recognizes the issue and importance of emphasizing academics, providing in-class mentoring and after school study hall hours. Partnering with the University of Miami athletic department to provide a program with current UM athletes, they not only provide structure for the students but also inspiration. They serve as both academic and athletic advisors. Alex Pou, founder of the organization, alumni of UM, as well as Coral Gables Senior High recognized there was an opportunity to help at risk students who rely on sports to further their academic careers.

Click here to read the complete essay. 


De’ Ronzy Lawrence

A junior college can serve as either a stepping stone or a second chance for many college football athletes. They give an opportunity for athletes that did not sign with a major university a chance to further hone their skills. Or the athletes that got removed from a major university program for whatever reason, a second chance at school and football.

Out of 1,462 junior colleges in the United States, there are only about 127 that have football programs. Out of the 127 football programs only one is in Florida. This comes as a surprise to many people seeing as how Florida is ranked number 2 by the Bleacher Report for the most Elite college football talent produced. Click here to read the complete essay.


Herb Penton, Principal
Ponce de Leon Middle School

I just wanted to share my appreciation for The Home Team’s commitment to the students at Ponce Middle School.  The help your volunteers have provided has been impactful to our school. As you know, during the 2017-2018 school year, our school increased its academic performance across all subject areas.  For the first time in quite some time, we are an “A” school! The support provided by your volunteers in our Reading and Math classes was clearly part of the formula in helping our students succeed. Thank you again for your support and I look forward to continuing our partnership.