Our programs are unique in that they are framed by behavior change theory that come from behavioral economics, which calls for incentivizing full participation to attain maximum benefits. Incentivizing behavior change is an effective means for achieving expected changes when individuals are less likely to be intrinsically motivated, or to have role models for what that behavior change represents. Rewards include field trips, guest speakers and prizes. 



We are proposing to incorporate a girls after-school program into Frances S. Tucker Elementary School in the Fall of 2018 to mirror the boys program that currently exists. Similar to the male oriented program, we will seek 25 young women who meet similar eligibility criteria. Like our boy’s program, this will be offered every Monday-Friday while Miami-Dade County Public Schools are in operation over the 2018 fall semester and 2019 spring semester. 


program details

The cost to provide this program is $10,470 and consists of a two-hour structured session which includes academic support in the form of a study hall environment and tutoring (provided by our partnerships with the University of Miami Athletic Department, Butler Center for Service and Leadership and Department of English Composition), team building activities, athletics and a free meal served everyday through our partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools Department of Food & Nutrition. Our two (2) site coordinators will be present from 3-5pm on these days to operate and oversee the program as well as coordinate all tutors.