As a community we need to prepare our youth for what lies ahead. Assimilating from an existing model and incorporating discussions with local community leaders, coaches from local youth leagues to high school levels, along with parents, teachers, current and former student-athletes at all levels throughout Miami we intend to create an inclusive, affirming, community-enhancing movement targeted at elementary school through high school levels. We intend to change the trajectory of these children’s development as students and student-athletes, and as a result of their academic and athletic success, change their families and enhance their neighborhood at the same time.

We recognize that the lifeline of the youth of our current target area, as well as similar areas throughout South Florida is athletics, specifically football. At an early age, these individuals are put in a position of leadership, looked up to and respected by their community. Through the services that we are providing to these individuals, we will not only aid in the growth and development of a select few but put ourselves in a very attractive position to recruit additional program participants. 

We intend to create the student-athlete model of our participants, stressing the importance of academics to achieve athletic goals and vice versa.  Through the academic services provided and mandated to our participants and the community youth as well as encouraging and assisting our youth to participate in youth athletics, we will educate and stress the importance of fitness, teamwork and accountably while occupying what would otherwise be the child's 'free time'. By doing so we are able to provide direction to individuals that might have otherwise been lacking these tools.


What differentiates our organization from other similar organizations providing academic services to youth is our reward based incentive system. We are committed to assisting all program participants that meet the requirements of our academic programs in their athletics and other interests. This will include, but not limited to, coverage of all registrations fees, additional costs associated with youth sports leagues, admission to the sports clinics we will be hosting with current and former NCAA and NFL players, sports memorabilia, tickets to sporting events and eventually a scholarship fund.   

We have also partnered with the University of Miami Athletic Department where they would be providing our program with current collegiate athletes as well as the University of Miami Cheerleaders to partner with our participants and serve as academic mentors, following the children's academic as well as athletic progress

Our evaluation process will include monitoring the academic progress, personal growth and involvement in extracurricular activities of our program participants. This includes the students GPA, test scores on Florida Mandated Tests provided by the respective schools, attendance in school as well as in our academic programs offered by our partners. We will also evaluate the behavior and participation in the youth sports leagues and participation with our community partners as well as monitor the results our incentive based reward system has on the program participants with respect to their academic growth and production. By comparing these factors with past performance we will be able to determine if the services being provided are adequate and what areas need to be improved upon.    



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