We have partnered up with the University of Miami's Athletic Department, the Benefits Department, as well as William R. Butler Center for Volunteer Service and Leadership Development Department, which has been a tremendous avenue of resources providing volunteer tutors and interns to assist us with all aspects of the academic mentoring programs implemented. In addition the study hall and tutoring offered we will be monitoring the progress in the students academics, attendance in school as well as in The Home Teams program and aiding our community outreach program where we connect the program participants with local business professionals in the child's area of interest.

We have also partnered with the local public schools (Ponce De Leon Middle School and Coral Gables Senior High School) that host the children of the community that our program is currently servicing. 

Within Ponce Middle School, we have partnered with the 5000 Role Models and The Start Program to provide study hall and volunteer tutors to the participants of these programs at the Ponce Middle School and Armbrister Park locations. These academic services are offered to these individuals three times per week. 

At Coral Gables Senior High School, we have partnered with the Football Program providing volunteer tutors to over 100 of their members. These academic services are offered to these individuals four times per week. 

The City of Miami has granted us access to utilize their facility at Armbrister Park in West Coconut Grove to provide study hall services and volunteer tutors twice a week, providing the students of the community an additional option to participate in our program who otherwise weren't able to attend the academic services offered after school or for those that want or need additional assistance.  These services will commence at the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic year.